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HOA Documents Update : Your Action is Required

Hello neighbors! By now you should all have received a packet from the Lakewood at the Crossings and the management company, Bono & Associates. It is very important that you read through this information and either send in your proxy or contact the management company for instructions on how to vote. You can directly download the proxy form by clicking here. If you have any questions at all on these documents or this vote, please do not hesitate to contact our management company, Bono & Associates, at 407-233-3560. Please also note the address of the management company has changed, so be sure to mail back to:640 E. State Road 434, Suite 3000, Longwood FL 32750  These may be faxed to: 407-233-3556 You can find full contact information for the management company on our website by clicking on the CONTACT menu. Thank you, and have a great day!
Neighborhood Fire

On February 3, 2019, many of you may have noticed a large number of fire trucks and police cars entering the neighborhood. A house on Springtree caught fire and they were frantically trying to put it out before any other houses could be affected. The address is 543 W Springtree. No injuries reported. No details available at this time to determine cause. *** PLEASE NOTE *** Lakewood at the Crossings HOA is organizing a donation fundraiser at the BB&T bank for financial donations to help with the costs incurred for the family. More information to come. The family is looking for a home to rent locally while restoration and rebuilding take place. You can contact the management company, Bono & Associates, if you have a home for rent. Please leave a message for Penny, the HOA president. To see what the house looked like before the fire, you can click here. Here's what the house looked like the following morning of February 4, 2019: On February 4, 2019 at 12:40pm ET I sent a drone up
Home Improvements

Please note that our houses are beginning to age... not not all of them well. My own home was recently stricken with some rotting areas of the sides and around the gutters. If left alone, this can grow to very expensive repair needs. I recently had a handy man that lives in the area work on my home and he's done an excellent job. I want to say that I received no discount for sharing his information, and I receive nothing in exchange for doing this. He just happens to be a member of the same church I attend and he's a good and honest man. I am not suggesting you use this man. That is a personal choice, and I encourage you to shop around. But I am suggesting that you consider repairs to your home, which is your long term investment. If you're interested in my own personal contact, his name is:John Crossett, Crossett Home ImprovementPhone: 407-790-1527jbcrossett@gmail.com
Aerial View of Lakewood at the Crossings

This is a video of the big lake off of Lake Park Drive near the main entrance.
Pressure Washing

Many if us are in need of having our sidewalks and/or driveways pressure washed. We've compiled a list of local services that can help you, if you don't already have the equipment or the time to do it yourself. If you'd like to suggest other contacts please list them in the comments below. * Jerry McCall - 407-754-7202* Keep It Green - 407-353-7192* Braun Construction - 407-227-4220
What's New : March 2018

Hello neighbors! Hopefully the spring rains will be coming soon to help water our lawns. But until then, now is a great time to get out and pressure wash your sidewalks and/or driveways. Many of you (myself included) received a notification about your sidewalks. Keep in mind that when a sidewalk has mildew and it gets a little wet it can be as slippery as ice. Please be aware to get this cleaned soon before someone gets hurt, which could lead to legal issues for you. We're getting quotes at this time for fire ant treatment of the entrance areas and the front portions of the main ponds (anywhere there are benches). Additionally, more plants and mulch will be coming soon. So be on the look-out!
Alligator Warning

March 1, 2018 WARNING!  Beware of alligator in Association ponds. Dear Members & Residents of the Crossings Master,   The Board of Directors of the Crossings Master wants all of the residents to be aware that there has been an increase in alligator sightings in our Association’s’ ponds.  Please let all of your family, residents and guests know that we have seen recently 3 or 4 alligators and 2 of those appear to be more than 5 feet in length.  Management has been calling Florida Wildlife and requested traps be put out for removal, but even if one alligator is taken, there is always the risk another takes its place.   We will stay vigilant, but your help is needed REPORT ANY SIGHTINGS and you too can call Florida Fish and Wildlife and report the alligator.  We are having warning signs made to be installed at the Association’s ponds but would like your help to spread the word. Please take extra precautions regarding children and dogs.  Wh
What's New : February 2018

Hello neighbors! You may have noticed that the wall has 'finally' been pressure washed. In doing so, we found that the paint on the wall started to come off. We contacted the paint manufacturer and they are providing us with paint (under warranty) to fix the areas that need it. Also, we'll soon be getting to repair work on areas of the wall where masonry work has become necessary. More to come on that. You may also have noticed that much of our plants have been damaged from the winter frost. So we're going to be making an investment in new plants/shrubs to replace these damaged areas. We're also researching the cost of fire ant treatment for the entrance areas, as well as the common walking/sitting areas around the ponds. Speaking of which, you may have noticed new trash cans around the ponds, which were installed last month. As spring is approaching, please be aware of your sidewalks and driveways. If you notice that they are stained with mold/mildew, you may receive a letter stating
What's New : December 2017

Hello neighbors! By now you've probably noticed we've enhanced our Christmas decorations at the entrance ways. Hope you like them. Just a note to let you know that in the coming days you're going to see a cleaning crew coming through the area to pressure wash the community wall. It's in dire need, so this will be a welcome sight. Remember that your dues will be coming on the first of the year for both the local HOA and the master HOA, so don't forget to put that in your budget. No meeting this month, but feel free to come see us for the January meeting. Until then, the board would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. UPDATE 12/20:The wall cleaning is delayed due to the contractor having trouble accessing a water supply. We are working on a solution and hope to have this project moving in the next week or two.
What's New : October 2017

A drive through of many of our streets now shows that the Seminole County waste services have come to pick up 'most' of the debris. If you're still finding issues with your debris not being picked up, be sure to contact the Seminole County offices and they should be able to assist you. There are some neighbors that had major trees down in their yard. Keep in mind that neither the HOA, nor the the county, are responsible for downed trees in your own yard. So for those that are affected, be sure to work on removing those as quickly as possible. We're finalizing the bids for wall cleaning and wall repair. By the next meeting (November) we'll be choosing the winning bid. Again, if you know of anyone that performs services for pressure washing, painting, or masonry repair, please have them contact the management company via the CONTACT menu of our website as soon as possible. Halloween is coming up in just a couple of weeks. Please be sure to drive safely and be sure to look for children (
Hurricane Debris Pickup

Hello Neighbors, A lot of calls and emails have come in asking about when debris will be picked up. It needs to be noted that the HOA does not handle this... that is performed by the county. In many instances I have seen that the county has come through and taken away quite a bit of the debris. However, if you feel your debris has yet to be picked up, you should really be contacting the people over at the Seminole County offices. You can reach their website at:http://www.seminolecountyfl.gov/departments-services/county-managers-office/emergency-management/prepare-seminole/emergencyevent.stml From there you can view all sorts of helpful information that can help you with any questions you may have regarding storm damage and debris.
2017 Annual Meeting

Well another annual meeting has come, and gone. We were short of a 10% quorum this year by about 30 people, so the annual meeting was adjourned and the regular monthly meeting commenced. As there was not a quorum, the board was voted to serve again, unanimously. We are already receiving bids for the wall cleaning and masonry repair. If you know of someone that is in this type of work, please have them submit a bid to the management company via the CONTACT menu of our website. Following the cleanup and masonry repair we'll have to then consider painting any damaged or repaired areas, and once again if you have someone in mind please have them submit a bid. Following the meeting we had several questions from those in attendance:* How much time do we have to make fencing repairs? This is difficult to say, as some insurance companies are asking that you make no repairs until your claim adjuster for hurricane damage can complete their reviews. So please use your best judgement for now * W
What's New : August 2017

Hi neighbors! Have some new developments that you may want to be aware of in your community:* You may have noticed some new dog waste stations around the ponds. If you are walking your pet, please be sure to take advantage of this benefit. Your neighbors will appreciate it!* We're looking in to bids on replacing some of the plants, so be on the look out for those changes.* We're looking into getting someone out to trim the neighborhood palm trees (which are the only trees not covered by the master association).* We've noticed that there's still some growth on the wall coming from the homeowner's side in some areas, so be on the lookout for those letters which will be mailed shortly. If you do have growth touch the wall, please be sure to trim that back. Growth damages the wall, and it can be expensive to repair (as you will see below).* We're looking into getting bids on repairing some cracks in the wall. We'd like to get these under control before it becomes serious. There are some s
How to tell if smoke detector needs new battery

hey folks several actually to hear today is Monday and well today is the day that I test my smoke detectors again. Especially test them once a week and change the batteries every six months so and I got best dual sensor smoke alarm because they were the old smoke detectors were just about at their life expectancy of about ten years. So anyway the new smoke detectors I got our are the same well different they are from the same manufacture kitty and they smoke detectors that I have now are both combination smoke and carbon monoxide so without further be. I'm going to test my for smoke detectors that i have in my house so here we go and as you rolling usually start with my local our next second bedroom now. For the final smoke detector well smoke carbon dioxide conveniently located right here just to know those things are very very loud and Justin oh yeah. I should have but I should have done this but you know you know how it is but still you should test your detectors every every wee
Morning School Bus Stops

Many of us have small children that ride the bus to school. The pickup times for these buses are around the 8am time frame. Please be courteous to your neighbors along these bus stops and refrain from blocking driveways and stop signs. This is a safety hazard, not only for you, but the children waiting for the bus. If a car cannot see the stop sign or around your improperly parked vehicle, the risk of an accident is high. Instead of blocking driveways and stop signs, please look for areas near the bus stop that would not block the flow of morning traffic. Just as you want to ensure your children are sent off to school safely, other neighbors would like to get to work on time and without incident.
The Convenants and Restrictions

Many of you have approached the board with requests to change your homes and/or yards that would currently be against our covenants and restrictions (i.e. plastic fencing, different paint colors). Please keep in mind that it is the duty of the board to enforce the convenants and restrictions as they currently exist. Changes to the covenants and restrictions is a long and expensive process, one in which we generally feel the money could be better spent on community improvements. However, we do realize that some would like to know exactly what's involved in making changes, so we contacted the attorney to get him to detail all the steps involved. A general cost for amending/revising the documents for an association, would be somewhere between $7,500 and $12,500. This amount does not include the time/cost for sending out the proposed amendments/revisions and confirming the required consent from the homeowners for same. When amending/revising documents, it would be a reasonable e
Meeting Minutes Posted on Website

Hello neighbors! Today at our monthly board meeting a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to once again start posting meeting minutes to the website. The minutes will start being posted beginning with the March 2016 minutes, which will be posted as soon as the document (with signatures) is scanned and provided by the management company.
2015 Annual Meeting

Well, we didn't have a lot of interest in the meeting this year. In fact, this may have been the smallest turnout in the last 10 years. Many times, and including this past meeting, the subject of changing the restrictions is raised. From house colors, to fence types, people want change. Keep in mind the only way to get these types of changes is to actually get involved. In order to change the covenants and restrictions, we need a minimum of 510 homeowners to agree on the change. We were far from that number in the past meeting... totaling less than 40, including proxies. But the annual meeting went smoothly, we got to meet some very nice neighbors (and a really nice service dog). We hope to see more of you at the next meetings. Keep in mind there are 10 monthly meetings throughout the year and the annual meeting is always in September. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to visit the website and click on the CONTACT menu.
For Your Photography Needs

If you're in need of photography for yourself, your family, or your special event, please feel free to contact us! Please visit our website at: http://PIX.tmac.cc There you'll find plenty of samples that we've done. We live right here in Lakewood at the Crossings and we'd be happy to work with you. Thank you.Tom & Penny
Young Living with Kylene

Looking for a healthier route in life? We use and teach therapeutic Essential Oils usage and other healthy supplements and products to enhance you and your families health. Young Living Essential Oils support our overall health as we use them to boost our immune systems, support brain health, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine and digestive systems as well as skin, muscles and bones! Aside from using the oils to support our body systems, we offer chemical/toxin free cleaning supplies, nutritional protein powders and supplements as well as personal care toiletries for you, your families, and even your pets! As a fellow runner to many of you, I use Young Living nutrition as my running fuel before, during, and after a workout! We live right here in The Crossings. You can find us on Facebook at: Young Living with Kylene, or simply call Kylene Chin at 407-739-9136. We would love to get together one-on-one, or join us for an educational class right here in our neighborhood!
Where'd the Trees Go?

Some of you may have noticed that there's a rather large project underway to remove trees and bushes along Lake Park Drive. In an effort to help beautify that block we are replacing this growth with new trees and bushes that will give us the following benefits:* The risk of trees falling on houses will be minor* The risk of trees damaging the community wall will be minor* The proposed bushes and trees will be more symmetrical* The new landscaping will be far easier to maintainAs you drive up/down Lake Park Drive you'll see that much of the removal on one side is nearly complete. Next will come stump grinding and brush removal. We're working towards improving the community.
2014 Christmas Decorations

As per the last several years, the HOA board has volunteered to put up the neighborhood Christmas decorations. If you'd like to pitch in and volunteer to put up, take down, or store decorations this year or future years, please feel free to contact us! The more the merrier!
Fire Ants Around The Lake

It has come to our attention that we have quite the fire ant problem around the main lake where the benches are. We will be contacting vendors soon to assist with this problem. Fire ants aren't just a nuisance for you and me, they also hurt our pets that we frequently walk around the lake. Also, if you do walk your pet around the lake, please remember to be courteous to your neighbors and pick up after them.
Preventive Maintenance

Just reminding everyone that if your driveway and/or sidewalk is dark and slippery, you should get it pressure washed. People slipping on your driveway or sidewalk could lead to a legal battle that would surely cost more than a good cleaning. Likewise, many of the houses in the neighborhood are in need of shingle and gutter cleaning. If you've got mold on your shingles, it will weaken them, and you don't want water getting into your house. If you've got trees and plants growing out of your gutters, that could end up allowing water to get in under your shingles, again causing costly repair bills. We all know that houses are expensive... we feel your pain, we're all going through the same thing. But spending a little now will save you a whole lot more in the long run. If you personally offer a service that could benefit your neighbors, please edit your MEMBERS page and let us know your skill and the services that you offer so that we can have local contacts for services. It's always nice
Stray Cats

We had our annual meeting last night (September 8th, 2014) and it was brought to our attention that there appear to be many stray cats roaming the neighborhood. Please refrain from letting your cat out all night as it is becoming an annoyance to your neighbors. We will be contacting animal control for any strays soon.
Improvement Tips

Many of us have been thinking about painting the outside of our houses, and for some of us it's long over due. But even for those that aren't ready for the big job yet, everyone should keep one important item of your home in mind... your chimney (if you have one). The chimney gets the full brunt of what Florida has to deliver... always in the sun, rain, wind. Aside from your shingles, this is the most hard hit part of your house on a regular basis. As I drove through the neighborhood recently I noticed that MANY of the homes in our neighborhood are in dire need of chimney painting, and some are in serious disrepair. Please be sure to inspect your chimney regularly. It will need to be painted far more often than the exterior walls of your house. If your chimney is damaged, it could lead to water leaks, which will lead to even more repair costs as well as potential health hazards. Many of us (guilty) are a bit too big to get up there and do it ourselves. In my case, I asked my lawn crew
2014 Upgrades

The new benches are in place! The existing benches around the ponds were in serious disrepair. They've now been replaced. See the progress below.
Christmas Decorations Are Up!

We've put up the decorations for Christmas 2013. Some of the items used these past couple of seasons didn't survive well enough to be used again, so we had to get a few new items. We'll be building on these new items to have more lights for next year. Unlike the past couple of years, this time we did all four entrance walls... the south entrance by the middle school, the twin entrance walls at Lake Park and Lake Way, and the east entrance (that's been neglected in the past).   
The Community Wall

Well, it's been a long time coming, but we finally have enough in the budget to safely repair and repaint the wall. Work is scheduled for late September or early October. We'll update this as more information becomes available. The wall is a total of 9,596 feet long (1.8 miles) and all but 200 feet of that is 6 feet tall. This results in 56,976 square feet of painting area on just the side facing the road/public. These measurements provided by Swerdloff & Perry Surveying, Inc. Please be proactive and trim all trees/bushes on your side of the wall prior to this repair/painting so that it does not impede the repair/painting process. If our landscaping people have to remove trees/bushes for you, you will be sent a bill for their services. We will not be painting the homeowners side of the wall. I've taken some photos, and will continue to take more as work progresses. For now, here's some image folders (below) that you can review. Click on the images to get enlarged versions. The firs
2013 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was recently held on September 9th, 2013, and a quorum was not reached. Our neighborhood consists of 762 homes, and a quorum requires 10% of the homeowners (with no current liens) to attend, or proxy, to have a quorum. We were very close this year compared to prior years with a count of 54 homeowners. Hopefully next year we can have even more! As there was no quorum, the annual meeting was adjourned and the regular monthly meeting commenced. The annual meeting is where board members are elected and given positions on the board. This year two board members were up for election. Both members were re-elected and all positions remained intact for the next year. For a listing of your board members and their positions, please click on the CONTACT menu.
LWATC Unauthorized Facebook Pages

Please be aware that Lakewood At The Crossings does NOT have a facebook page. If you see a facebook page that claims to be supporting Lakewood At The Crossings it is doing so without permission, and the one that we did find is spreading all manner of mistruths and misinformation. If you want to know more about your community, this website is the only authorized internet medium... but for best results, attend your monthly meetings and get your information first hand.

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