Alligator Warning

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March 1, 2018

Beware of alligator in Association ponds.

Dear Members & Residents of the Crossings Master,

  The Board of Directors of the Crossings Master wants all of the residents to be aware that there has been an increase in alligator sightings in our Association’s’ ponds.  Please let all of your family, residents and guests know that we have seen recently 3 or 4 alligators and 2 of those appear to be more than 5 feet in length.  Management has been calling Florida Wildlife and requested traps be put out for removal, but even if one alligator is taken, there is always the risk another takes its place.   We will stay vigilant, but your help is needed REPORT ANY SIGHTINGS and you too can call Florida Fish and Wildlife and report the alligator.  We are having warning signs made to be installed at the Association’s ponds but would like your help to spread the word.

Please take extra precautions regarding children and dogs.  While the Association cannot prohibit the presence of children near and around the pond, please, please do not take a risk, as a parent or guardian, which may result in a tragedy.  Consider prohibiting your child from playing anywhere near the Association ponds and please walk your dogs away from the water’s edge.

Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions. You can reach me at 407-788-6700 ext. 51308 or by email at 

Jennifer Raulerson
Community Manager

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