Below is a listing of PDF documents on file.

Any work you plan on having done on your house requires an ARB form completed and approved by the board of directors. Forms are reviewed once a month at board meetings. Please do not ask the management company to approve your form, they won't be able to. You can submit your form to the management company and it will be reviewed at the meetings. To find out when the next meeting will take place please click on the EVENTS menu.

Clicking on a file below displays the PDF document. Please be aware it can take several seconds for the PDF document to display as it loads to your computer.

 Thinking of painting your house? Remember to get HOA approval first! You can use the swatches below to help you choose approved colors.

Click Here to see Body Paint Color Samples

Click Here to see Trim Paint Color Samples

Meeting Minutes
Bono and Associates Hurricane Preparedness Plan
By Laws
Covenants and Restrictions - Book of Rules
Covenants and Restrictions
Lakewood at the Crossings - ARB application 2022
Lakewood at the Crossings - Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions - Revised Redline Version
Lakewood at the Crossings - Records Inspection Policy
Lakewood at the Crossings Documents Inspection Policy
Lakewood Revite Declaration Revised Redline - 8-1-18
Notice of Intent to Enforce Restrictions
Revite Lakewood Solicitation Letter 8-24-18

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