Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can you pay the HOA fees on the site? If so where exactly is it, I'm not seeing it.
    Payments are processed by our management company, Bono & Associates. You can visit their website at and under Online Services choose Make A Payment. Follow the instructions on the page to setup your online payment.

  • Do I need an ARB Form to re-paint my pool/patio deck?
    No, as long as this is in your back yard no form is required.

  • Can I paint my fence to match my house?
    No. Fences may not be painted or stained.

  • Can I put in a white vinyl fence?
    No. The Covenants and Restrictions only allow wrought iron (today it is the aluminum equivalent), masonry (block) or wooden stockade fence (unpainted).

  • I need to replace a portion of my fence, do I need to fill out an ARB form first?
    Yes. The form must be completed and approved before any changes are made to your house, yard or fencing.

  • My fence needs replacing, but it borders a neighbor. Who pays for the replacement?
    Fences are shared property when they border a neighbor. You should contact your neighbor and make an agreement on shared cost to replace the fencing. Note, however, that you cannot force your neighbor to share costs.

  • Do I need to get ARB approval before I replace my shingles/roof?
    Yes. Please complete an ARB form and submit for approval before starting any work of any kind on your house, fence or property.

  • Can I paint first and then submit an ARB application?
    No. You run the risk of colors not being approved and then having to repaint at your expense again. It’s not fun to paint twice.

  • If I get a letter stating something is not right, can I ignore the letter?
    No. Ignoring a letter by the association may result in more costly remedies than just responding to the letter to solve the problem at hand.

  • Why do the dues go up every year?
    For 15 years straight, costs stayed exactly the same. Now, what we take in marginally covers the cost of keeping things up. For several years to come, dues will probably rise 10% per year.

  • How do I find out if the colors I want to paint my house are allowed?
    Contact Bono & Associates, the management company, at 407-233-3560. You can also click on the DOCUMENTS menu above, and then click on the PDF document for ARB Approved Paint Colors. Colors are taken from a Sherwin & Williams list. If you choose colors there and obtain a chip or color number, other stores can match the color.

  • Where are the meeting minutes?
    Under the Documents menu.

  • Is there a Lakewood at the Crossings facebook page?
    No. There are no officially sanctioned facebook pages set up by Lakewood at the Crossings. If you see a facebook page that says Lakewood at the Crossings it is unauthorized and is in no way connected to Lakewood at the Crossings, Inc., and should not be considered a source for valid information. Content of Lakewood at the Crossings is not permitted to be shared on any medium (written or electronic) without permission of Lakewood at the Crossings, Inc., a Florida registered corporation. All content of Lakewood at the Crossings website and printed material is copyright protected.

  • How can I create a BLOG post?
    First thing you'll want to do is log into the site. If you don't already have a login, you can create one by clicking on the LOGIN menu and then the link at the bottom of the page. Once you've got a member account, you can click on the MEMBERS menu which will drop down several other options that include adding a blog post.

  • I created an account on the website, but I don't want to get all the emails (unsubscribe) or I want to delete my account. How do I do this?
    If you would like to keep your LWATC.COM account so that you can have your own web page and share information with your neighbors, but you no longer want to receive communications from LWATC.COM, log into your account and click on the MEMBERS menu and choose the CHANGE PROFILE menu. When the profile edit page opens, you'll see your email address listed. Erase that email address and then save the page. No further emails will be sent to you.

    If you want to delete your LWATC.COM account altogether, log into your account and click on the MEMBERS menu and choose the CHANGE PROFILE menu. When the profile edit page opens, scroll all the way down and click on the DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT button. You'll be asked to verify you want to proceed with deletion. If you say OK your account is instantly deleted and anything you may have uploaded is deleted with it.

  • I posted a comment and now it's gone. Why?
    As a member of this site you are encouraged to comment on postings. However, if you post something that is deemed offensive to any board member or any of your fellow neighbors your comment will be removed. If we deem your posting offensive enough, you could have your member account suspended as well. So, please, keep it clean, and no harassment.

  • Can I have a basketball hoop on the street in front of my house?
    The rules for a basketball hoop are: no structures are allowed outside of rear fences. Basketball goals may not be attached to houses. Basketball goals may be attached to permanently anchored (i.e. poured in concrete) poles placed in the ground. The playing surface of the goal must face the owner's property, not the adjacent property owner. And according to Seminole County regulations, not the street. Also note, the area between the sidewalk and the street is part of the street right away, and goals in this area are prohibited by Seminole County regulations. The board of directors does not require homeowners to seek permission to erect a goal, however, does strongly recommend that this be discussed with the adjoining neighbor before beginning construction.

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