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Posted by LWATC WebMaster on Saturday, May 17, 2014 8:48:00 AM

Many of us have been thinking about painting the outside of our houses, and for some of us it's long over due. But even for those that aren't ready for the big job yet, everyone should keep one important item of your home in mind... your chimney (if you have one). The chimney gets the full brunt of what Florida has to deliver... always in the sun, rain, wind. Aside from your shingles, this is the most hard hit part of your house on a regular basis.

As I drove through the neighborhood recently I noticed that MANY of the homes in our neighborhood are in dire need of chimney painting, and some are in serious disrepair. Please be sure to inspect your chimney regularly. It will need to be painted far more often than the exterior walls of your house. If your chimney is damaged, it could lead to water leaks, which will lead to even more repair costs as well as potential health hazards.

Many of us (guilty) are a bit too big to get up there and do it ourselves. In my case, I asked my lawn crew if they had someone willing to do the job, and he was happy to take on the chore for a very nominal fee. I provided the paint and he provided the labor. I'm not promoting any one service but if you do need someone to assist with this please contact us and we'll give you some options.

Before you do any painting, as always, please fill out an ARB form so that the paint color can be approved. I promise these will be pushed through ASAP, providing they are approved colors.

Improving the neighborhood raises the values of all our homes, and we all want that.

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