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What's New : August 2017

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Posted: by LWATC on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 10:55:00 AM

Hi neighbors!

Have some new developments that you may want to be aware of in your community:
  • You may have noticed some new dog waste stations around the ponds. If you are walking your pet, please be sure to take advantage of this benefit. Your neighbors will appreciate it!
  • We're looking in to bids on replacing some of the plants, so be on the look out for those changes.
  • We're looking into getting someone out to trim the neighborhood palm trees (which are the only trees not covered by the master association).
  • We've noticed that there's still some growth on the wall coming from the homeowner's side in some areas, so be on the lookout for those letters which will be mailed shortly. If you do have growth touch the wall, please be sure to trim that back. Growth damages the wall, and it can be expensive to repair (as you will see below).
  • We're looking into getting bids on repairing some cracks in the wall. We'd like to get these under control before it becomes serious. There are some stairstep cracks that are pretty visible, and in some corner joints there is some separation. We'll be getting on this as soon as the bids come in. In the meantime, if you do notice cracks in "your" section of the wall, don't hesitate to let us know where so we don't miss any. If you know of a mason that might want to bid on this, please have them contact the management company.
  • We're also looking into getting bids for the next round of wall pressure washing. So if you know someone that does this type of work please have them submit a bid to the management company.
  • We're already starting to look at enhancing our Christmas decorating for end of the year. More to come on that.
The letter that will be going out to any neighbor living along the brick wall will appear as follows:

You may have noticed that there may be vines, tree limbs and/or plants growing on or over our community wall behind your property.  As a reminder, the cost of repair and maintenance to our community wall is very high.

You are required to trim those items: climbing, leaning or possibly damaging the community wall on your property.  Please inspect if you have any growth on the wall on the inside of your property and/or growing over the exterior of the wall.

At this time, we are allowing 14 days for the trimming to commence and complete.


If not completed, the Lakewood at the Crossings Homeowners Association will need to hire a removal service to trim or cut them for you. Legally, they are in the easement, and this cost will be added to your account.  We would prefer that you trim them, as it would be a lot less expensive to you, rather than for us to hire a commercial trimmer.

We are simply sending you this reminder and request that you remove any vines, tree limbs or plants hanging on OR over the community wall before they cause damage to it. 

Thank you for your prompt attention, we appreciate you as neighbors!

Kindest Regards,
Lakewood at the Crossings HOA Board of Directors

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